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Better Retirement Having Met Us

Many years ago, cricketing commentator Richie Benaud told a memorable story on TV.

Richie spoke of being appointed Australian Captain and the great Don Bradman approached him for the first time. Richie awaited the words of wisdom with anticipation.

Don Bradman’s only advice was, “Leave cricket a better sport having played the game”.

It was short, but succinct. It’s great advice and we adopt a similar philosophy.

We measure our success by you experiencing a better retirement having met us.

If you’d like to know what our clients think, we were surveyed independently by the Beddoes Institute. Click here to view a summary of the results.

In August 2016 David Reed was awarded as the winner of the Global Financial Planning Award (European Region). This award is a humbling addition to the October 2015 prestigious AFA Adviser of the Year.

Science of Retirement

We do one thing and one thing only. Retirement advice.

Our passion is the science of retirement.

We understand that today’s retiree wants to protect their money. They are tired of the advertisements for untold riches and fairy tales of high returns with no risk.

We understand that as you near or enter retirement, safety trumps everything else.

By giving you clear understanding of choices, and the opportunity for you to make an informed decision based upon facts, our aim is to deliver certainty.

Evidence-Based Advice

Our unwavering focus is the application of successfully proven, evidence based philosophies for retirement income.

When it comes to money, we never want to say ‘sorry’ to our clients.

We strive to prepare people for retirement better than anybody else.

Feel Confident Today

Dr. Richard Johnson in his book ‘What Color is my Retirement?’ refers to confidence as the premier emotional ingredient that contributes to the eventual success or failure of your retirement lifestyle.

Confidence must be attached with a basis in fact.

Using evidence-based philosophies, our objective is for clients to never outlive their money.

The outcome for you is that you can feel confident, retain financial independence, choice of lifestyle and personal dignity.

We financially secure your retirement... for as long as you live.

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  • Our Why?

    Our passion is the science of retirement

  • Retirement Success

    Relies upon more than just a financial calculator

  • Have Purpose

    Know what you're retiring 'to', not just 'from'

  • Time & Money

    We align money with your retirement lifestyle

Our Team

We choose to partner with

Be Informed. Be Prepared. Feel Secure.

Discover the benefits award-winning advice can have upon your retirement

First Meeting

The purpose for our initial meeting is to listen to you.

We need to understand where you are today, and what your retirement aspirations are in the future.

Valued retirement advice requires a long term, trusted relationship.

This meeting allows you to bring plenty of questions with you, and to do your due diligence with us to make sure you are comfortable.

There is no cost or obligation at the first meeting.

We can assure you one thing however.

You will leave the meeting knowing more about modern retirement planning than you did when you walked in. The only cost to you is your time.

Retirement Lifestyle

A highly successful USA adviser speaks of how building retirement plans have common traits with putting together jigsaw puzzles.

Some people start jigsaws by laying down the edges, while others may see common parts of the centrepiece and start there.

The most efficient way to put a jigsaw puzzle together is to understand the picture on the box cover. It’s the end result that is important before starting.

This is what we aim to achieve from the start.

Rather than focusing upon choice of investments, strategies and structuring, the focus is upon clarity about what retirement looks like for you and your family.

With the destination in sight, we can then build a retirement plan to move in the preferred direction financially.

Retirement Income Plan

Once you have engaged our services to prepare a Retirement Income Plan, we will commence building the document.

This typically takes 4-8 weeks, depending upon complexity and access to current financial information.

Within the plan, our overall philosophy will be based upon the application of proven retirement strategies.

Our aim will be to develop a floor of income for retirement, that is predominantly unrelated to growth assets (e.g. the sharemarket).

This is to provide absolute confidence should stock markets sharply fall: you have a floor of income that will continue to provide your predetermined needed lifestyle. These are all discussed at our initial meeting.

In terms of where we invest, a core value of our business is that we will always be product agnostic. Our philosophy is to serve your best interest, through the adherence to proven, evidence-based investments.

Tailored Retirement Solutions For You

In an easy to understand language, we explain our modern retirement planning strategies that apply to you and your family.  We will unwind the complexity for you.

Our comprehensive retirement plan will be discussed with you.

A part of this meeting will be explanation of why we have recommended certain strategies and the outcomes for your retirement.

We understand that by giving you comfort, knowledge and most importantly, by doing what is ideal for you, is better for our business in the long run.

Implementation & 90 Day Review

The most important part of the plan is the implementation. Without action, you will not progress at all.

Based upon the choices you have decided to implement, we will assist with the execution. We will liaise with the appropriate professional service providers if needed such as a solicitor, real estate agent, accountant, etc.

Once the strategies have been established, our next meeting will occur after 90 days.

This brief meeting is to confirm that you are comfortable and clearly understand the process and no issues have arisen.

Regular Meetings

We will meet with you regularly in a face-to-face meeting, depending upon your preferred Platinum or Gold service package.

In the year of retirement, we will want to liaise with you twice in the year before, and the year after retirement. This period is particularly important in terms of reviewing portfolio performance and risk management.

Our ongoing regular meetings will be the opportunity to review your progress in terms of Capital Tracking (i.e. making sure your money will last) and Income Floor (i.e. development of a floor of income unrelated to markets).

Changes will occur over time. These may be lifestyle, health or family influenced or issues outside of your control such as legislation changes.  That is why we refer to the Retirement Plan as a liquid document. It sets you on a path towards your desired direction, but it can be tilted in a different route when events occur.

As we stay up to speed with modern retirement strategies, market developments and continuing education standards, we will liaise with you on an ongoing basis.

Ready To Secure Your Retirement?

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