TRAC Staff Christmas Party 2014

In December, the TRAC team had an eventful staff Christmas party as we toured the Surry Hills and Moore Park area.

The video highlights some of our light hearted activities for the day.

My personal highlight was the Red Paper Clip Swap Challenge where each team of 3 people were given 1 x red paper clip, for which they had to swap for an item of higher value.

The result ended up with team 1 swapping the paper clip up to 6 free movie tickets plus a red cowboy hat.  Team 2 swapped theirs for an awesome, brand new, bicycle helmet from a shop owner.  Team 3 won the day with a large present in Christmas wrapping (empty box) but at dinner managed to swap that up to a round of drinks for everybody.

I hope you enjoy this light hearted video as much as we did on the day.