Flat Fee, Fixed Price Financial Advice For Retirement

fixed price, flat fee financial planning advice for retirement

The Retirement Advice Centre offers you the opportunity to work with an adviser based upon a Flat Fee, Fixed Price Membership Style pricing model.

Payment is like a membership program.  It’s on a month-to-month basis, and you can cancel at any time.  No exit costs, no unexpected hassles.


Why Is Flat Fee, Fixed Pricing Important?

An enjoyable retirement is one with no nasty surprises.

This is why when it comes to retirement advice, a flat fee, fixed price retainer for financial advice is a known quantity.

You can budget for it, which is important when on a fixed income in retirement.

Locking in known expenses makes sense.


What Other Options Are There?

A common approach is Funds Under Management, ie. where the superannuation fund or investment account managed by the financial planner has a percentage fee applied to it.

We believe that a Flat Fee, Fixed Price Retainer for Financial Advice is a more transparent and objective method.  It minimises conflicts, for example, if you want to invest in property, or take money out to go on a cruise, then that’s fine.  It does not influence our advice to you at all.  We will provide guidance based upon our expertise and experience without conflict of interest.

It’s not only us that believe that Flat Fee, Fixed Pricing is the most objective option for clients.

The American National Association of Financial Planners echo this sentiment in their article “What is Fee-Only Financial Advising?”.

We are compensated by you directly for the advice, plan implementation and ongoing management of assets.

This means  you can be confident that we are acting in your best interests continually.


What Locations Do You Offer Retirement Advice?

I once read an article written on convenience by an adviser in the USA.  The point of his message was “Do you want the ‘best financial adviser’, or do you want the most conveniently ‘local financial adviser’?”

It’s a fair question.

I’d suggest the answer lies in finding the most appropriate financial adviser for your situation, identifying their areas of expertise and making sure you that you are totally confident and comfortable in your dealings with them.

We are based in the Sutherland Shire, however, we also use our online virtual software to video chat with our clients across Australia.

If you wish to discuss your retirement planning needs, and one with no pricing ‘sticker shock’, then call Sarah, Mark or Tracey on (02) 8539-7233 or email us at admin@smartretirement.com.au