Insights to giving blood

Mark Hardick Adviser

For the past couple of years, our office has been utilising an internal communication platform called ‘Slack’.

Slack is a type of instant messaging service that eliminates the need for emails back and forth in the office.  Live discussions can be broadcast in single subject channels, and topics can be shared such as education, new strategies, holidays, client successes and so on.

Last week, adviser Mark Hardick shared his personal insights on his first time giving blood.  His comments were for no other reason than expressing his experience with the team in the office.

We really enjoyed reading it.

So with his permission, I thought it was with sharing with you all as well:-



“Giving is an investment of sorts.

Donations to charities is investing in those less fortunate. The ROI is a better society.

Gratitude creates the mindset needed for a healthy and wealthy life.

Besides cash we can donate our time, our ears for listening and even our blood!

I became a first time plasma donor today and learnt a few things.

Blood has a use by date and can’t be stored more than a couple of months. Plasma 12 months.

Australians donate about 45% of the blood we use in saving lives.

The rest we import at cost. Mostly from the US but also from other nations.

Most all plasma goes to CSL to make blood products that save or prolong life.

CSL pays a modest 2.5% dividend but is most popular for its growth through tremendous success in developing blood products over the last 7 years.

Shares bought for $0.80 cents when CSL listed in April 1994 sold for $230 in September 2018.

A great Australian company.

Saving people’s health so they can save and spend their wealth.”

– Mark