The Price of Success

On hundreds of occasions I’ve met with a new client and we’ve discussed their financial situation. It’s pretty obvious huh…that’s why they walked in my door in the first place.

It’s all a straightforward conversation that relate to assets and liabilities, income and expenses and so on. It’s all about Money. 

Where things usually slow down…a lot… when we start talking about what they do with their Time.

This is particularly the case when retirement planning has a precise date pinned on the calendar. 

But it’s also a really relevant discussion for those with 10 years or more away.

For many years I’ve regarded financial planning as like a jigsaw puzzle. To start the jigsaw many people start with the feature pieces or the corner edges, kind’ve like the money as a resource in real life. 

What is truly needed to build a jigsaw puzzle is the picture on the cover of the box. Financial Planning is exactly the same. 

Above is a video from a Canadian business coach. He is talking to advisers, but I felt it was worth sharing as the points he expresses are relevant for everyone.  

Maybe rather than sacrificing more time, or pursuing more money, we sometimes could be more grateful for what we already have.