TRAC Clients feature in magazine The Really Simple Guide to Money

In recent months a number of our clients were contacted by the journalist from The Really Simple Guide to Money.

The feature of the magazine was exploring financial issues at each decade of life, eg. 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and so on.  It’s called the 6 Ages of Wealth and Happiness

The magazine is available at local newsagencies Australia wide.

We have electronic PDF copies of each of our client case studies for each age group that you are welcome to review online:-

20’s – Time to Party, but also to Plan

30’s – Let’s Get Serious

40’s – Halfway There

50’s – Launchpad to Retirement

60’s – Free at Last

70’s – You’ve Earned It


Thanks goes out to those clients that have volunteered for the interview.  I trust that you enjoyed the experience!